Support the DX Code of Conduct – We do!

The publication of DXEtiquette in the March 2010 issue of QST sparked a new world-wide effort to get all hams to operate in a manner consistent with that Resolution. To that end an international group of DXers have developed a DX Code of Conduct.  Since introducing it, hams from all continents have joined in this effort. You can play an important role in spreading the word. This is one project of which it can truthfully be said, “We are all in this together, and we can all benefit.”

Many have also said that the fight against impolite behavior is a lost cause, but we don’t agree. If one person throws a stone in a pond, the ripples die out quickly. But if tens of thousands of us each throw a pebble in the pond, the waves will be huge. We’d like every active HF operator in the world to support higher standards of conduct knowing that tens of thousands of others support him too.

Inconsiderate operating standards are just not in keeping with the high moral standards of our hobby. More to the point, it is counter-productive and simply inconsistent with the aim of our hobby, to have FUN.

DX Code of Conduct

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