Fun and Morse Games at TDOTA

South Newton morse activitiesOnce again the Radio Club provided various communications activities for the Girl Guiding Renfrewshire at their South Newton Activity Centre and Campsite in celebration of Thinking Day on the Air.The Guide Leaders also had a programme of activities based on communications. Among these was the making of Morse Code bracelets.

The Radio Club operators were busy on both days helping the Guides and Brownies to send greetings messages, learn Morse Code and achieve their Communicators Badge.One of the new activities this year was a Morse Code Wide Game which proved very popular with the participants. The game required the players to decode various locations throught the campsite where they would find clues, also in Morse Code, to a secret message. This game was based on one, provided by the Kingdom Amateur Radio Club, played at the Blair Athol Jamborette.

Over the weekend the station made 279 contacts in 34 countries, including contacts with 12 other TDOTA stations.
Of particular note were contacts with Cuba, Martinique and the RSGB Centenary Station, GM100RSGB, operating from the Shetland Islands.

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