2018 JOTA-JOTI Travel-Free Jamboree


This year something new will happen……

The Jamboree On The Air / Internet will be run for the first time just like a World Scout Jamboree. You can experience the same atmosphere and similar activities; all connected through amateur radio and internet. Without even leaving home! It is a true “travel-free Jamboree”.

Everything looks like a World Scout Jamboree. A map of the “campsite”  links all the possible activities that participants can take part in, and a schedule tells them when activities in the “campsite activity tents” are taking place.

Upon registration at the Main Gate, participating groups receive a Jamboree Handbook to help navigate the map and the weekend schedule. They can then navigate the campsite and choose what areas they want to visit and when, according to their planned activities. The Staff Camp has all extra information to assist leaders with the activities. It also hosts the agenda of “special events” during the JOTA-JOTI weekend.

A glimpse of what will be available on the campsite:

Global Development Village with activities for this years’ main theme “Life on Land”

Subcamps with a large internet café and a game zone

Science Park with all sorts of technical experiments and a radio base.
The Challenge Valley where you can try and challenge yourself and each other

The Campfire Circle where you can participate in different campfire talks by well-known Scout leaders

The WOSM HQ tent offers an insight into many of the other major Scout programmes around the world

The Jamboree HQ, where help is available for any possible problem.

and many more…..

Currently, your JOTA-JOTI camp site is under construction. Curious? You can already visit some parts of the new campsite and of course, register for the event at the Main Gate. Don’t miss it.

Explore the camp site and enjoy!

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