Radio Club Suspended

As a result of the current coronavirus pandemic, in common with other Scouting activities, the Radio Club has been suspended until further notice.

To enable you to keep up to date on the current coronavirus situation, the Scout Organization have created a new webpage. 
where you can find all the latest updates for Scout members.

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32nd G&D Scouts visit the Radio Shack

The 32nd G&D Scout Group were at the Scout Radio Club last night to work on their Communicators Badge. They completed a range of radio related activities that included sending a greetings message over the airwaves, an introduction to Morse code, the Phonetic Alphabet, radio wave propagation, the rules covering the use of Amateur Radio and how to log and report radio reception.
They also tried their hand at coding and decoding “secret” messages using the Scout Code Wheel.

We all did it!

At the end of the evening all the participants had completed the required work and were awarded their Communicators Badge.
Feedback from the Group members and their leader indicated that everyone had a lot of fun and enjoyed the experience.

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Radio Club visit Lapwing Lodge with the 47th G&D Group

The District Radio Team were delighted to be invited to Lapwing Lodge to provide some communications activities for the 47th G&D Beaver Scouts who were having an away camp at the Lodge.
The Beavers were able to send greetings messages using Amateur Radio, solve code puzzles using the Beaver Secret Code and play a specially developed QR Code Game using smart phones.
All this in addition to the activities provided by the Camp staff.

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10th Greenock and District Scout Group Camp

Fun and Games

The Radio Team, once again, were at Everton Scout Camp this time to help out with activities for the 10th G & D Scout Group. The radio activities we provided were just some of the fun and games taking place on a beautiful sunny day. There were many outdoor activities taking advantage of the good weather with Crate Climbing and Archery among the favourites.

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