Amateur Radio comes to The Blair Atholl Jamborette 2012

Blair Athol BadgeWe have joined forces with The Kingdom Amateur Radio Club (KARS), which is based at the Fordell Firs National Activity Centre, to form  an Amateur Radio Team at The Blair Atholl Jamborette this year.

The BA Amateur Radio Station will operate under the callsign of GM0 BAJ (Blair Atholl Jamborette), this licence has been specially issued by Ofcom to celebrate the Jamborette this year.

GM0 BAJ will be operating from the morning of Friday 20 July 2012 until the afternoon of Monday 23 July 2012. Activities will include the use of Amateur radio to contact other stations in the UK, Europe and possibly further afield, learning Morse code and phonetics, navigating around the BA Camp site using Morse and at the same time discovering a secret message. There will also be an opportunity to complete appropriate Scout badge work.

The GM0 BAJ station has been set up to provide an activity centre for the satellite camp but all are welcome to come and visit us, providing the programme allows.

The Amateur Radio Station will be sighted adjacent to the southern side of the Castle marquee, the radio antenna’s should also give a good clue to our position.  Please do pop in and see us and find out more about Amateur Radio.

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